We design custom-made brand environments,
by identifying and addressing a wide variety
of brand’s needs.

In the era of innovative new work concepts like hotdesking and co-working spaces, too many companies are losing touch with their unique brand spirit, crammed into bland identikit offices without character or flair. Switchup presents a next-gen DIY approach, creating custom-crafted brand environments to convey everything that’s quintessentially you. Our design team takes onboard customer needs and adds their own creative input, shaped by the latest global trends and innovative solutions, to develop a comprehensive design concept that begins with property selection.

Walking into a Switchup location means immersing yourself in an original brand environment that fully expresses the brand’s identity, cultivating a sense of belonging. Our team works closely with your brand and marketing managers, and in full alignment with your brand book, so every element from the palette to the furnishings reflects your own look & feel. It’s the dynamic, flexible contemporary environment planned and styled to suit your activities – with zero Switchup branding.


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