Our People

Yoni Porat
Co founder & CEO

Yoni has extensive management experience as a property developer and design-build contractor, handling the planning and construction of many varied residences, offices, restaurants, and more. His service-first perspective led him to launch Switchup, which goes far beyond standard real estate, adapting the right location to the right customer.

Oren Shalit
Co founder & Chief of Business Development

Leveraging vast experience in business development and sales management for global markets, Oren is a dynamic executive with a proven track record of maximizing business potential for companies in finance, real estate, hi-tech, and more. He holds a BA in Economic Science Business from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

Tom Kadosh
Co founder & COO

Tom capably navigates the complex financial and legal aspects of all operations, managing relations and agreements with both clients and property owners. Coming from 13 years managing and operating event halls, he fully understands what it takes to keep everything running smoothly.

Sharon Porat
Co founder & Chief of Delivery

As Chief Projects Officer, Sharon expertly handles all aspects of infrastructure and implementation to consistently deliver top-notch results. He has some 10 years of experience in design, construction, and multiple technologies, and efficiently fosters optimal ongoing relationships with authorities, suppliers, and contractors.

Yuval Bronstein
Chairman of the board

Leading the Switchup board is Yuval Bronstein, former CEO and CFO of the Azrieli Group, who currently also serves as chairman of Faropoint and external director of the Fox-Wizel Group. He was previously chairman of GES and Sonol Israel, director of Tambour, and Senior Deputy Accountant General at the Israeli Ministry of Finance. He is a CPA and holds a BA in Economics & Accounting and an MBA in Finance & Accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nadav Fattal
Board Member & Partner

Currently VP Marketing for the international Fattal Hotel Chain and CEO of Rooms by Fattal, the new coworking space concept, Nadav has an invaluable global perspective of the newest innovations across industries, ensuring that Switchup continues to offer exceptional added value at every stage.


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